Hi! I'm Thiago, a Computer Engineer from São Paulo, Brazil. I started this blog to write about my projects instead of keeping them to myself, to document them, build a portfolio, and maybe help someone in the process.

I have interned at Universo Online as a Security Consultant and at Microsoft, in the Windows Azure team as a Software Development Engineer. Before that, I was a world finalist twice at Microsoft's Imagine Cup, in 2008 and 2009.

I was also a world finalist twice at Facebook's Hackathon. Here are the projects we built during the hackathons; I'll try to write about them here.

  • Junker, a content filter for Facebook's timeline São Paulo Hackathon, 2012
  • MarkBox, Dropbox for bookmarks World Finals, 2012
  • GraphPicker, a way to use Facebook's Graph Search to set posts' privacy and to select people to invite to an event São Paulo Hackathon, 2013
  • LeapTouch, a LeapTouch application that turns any monitor into a touchscreen World Finals, 2013

More recently, I have worked as a security engineer at Google (2015-2019, San Francisco Bay Area) and Mercari (2019-2020, Tokyo).

I'm currently between jobs.