An attacker in a privileged network position, such as an ISP or the owner of a malicious hotspot, can cause an HTTPS request to be repeated by disrupting the TLS connection to the client browser at the right moment. Modern browsers usually retry failed requests automatically, which makes this attack invisible to the end user.

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(and how to audit your phone's application traffic yourself)

It might sound weird to accuse Foursquare of collecting location data since that is the whole point of the service, but Foursquare is overstepping its bounds by constantly keeping track of their users' every move (and more) -- even if they never open the app.

The Foursquare app contacts the service every ten minutes, providing a list of minute-by-minute locations (including timestamp and accuracy data), battery level, charging status, internet connectivity status and nearby wireless access points (complete with timestamp, MAC address and signal strength).

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